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Author Topic: Turning off gamut warning  (Read 7217 times)

Bill Kramer

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Turning off gamut warning
« on: January 19, 2011, 12:15:56 pm »

I have CS5 and when I work on a picture in camera raw the blown highlights are bright red.  How do I turn the out of gamut warning off in camera raw?  I don't get the warning in photoshop, just camera raw.  I have hunted around and I am not seeing a way to change this.


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Re: Turning off gamut warning
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2011, 12:48:09 pm »

Click on the upper right arrow to toggle highlights on/off and the upper left to toggle shadows. Or you can use the keyboard command "O" for highlights or "U" for shadows.
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