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Author Topic: Capture One 5.1.2 released  (Read 2589 times)

Doug Peterson

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Capture One 5.1.2 released
« on: June 10, 2010, 12:28:01 pm »

Capture One 5.1.2 has been released with enhancements mainly for Leaf cameras, Windows 64 bit drivers, and some limited but welcomed integration with Expression Media (recently acquired by Phase One).

Future versions of Capture One will surely further increase support and integration with Expression media; this update comes only days after the purchase of Expression media by Phase One, so seeing any results this fast is surprising and very welcome.

Capture Integration will be testing this new version of Capture One. Until then we recommend customers follow the same general advice as always. If you are a professional photographer depending on your computer as a tool to accomplish his work that you should not update their software or operating-system until:
 - the update has been out long enough to give a sense of whether it contains any nasty bugs that would slow down your workflow, waste your time, or worse.
 - you have time to make a complete bootable backup of your system in case you need it
 - you have time to do a complete test of anything critical you do on your computer (tethering, processing, retouching, printing etc)

Also, we recommend you follow our <a href="">Capture One Uninstall Instructions</a> to remove any previous version of Capture One from your computer before updating to a new version (rather than simply overwriting the previous version).

From the release notes:

Capture One 5.1.2 contains the following enhancements:
 - Updated firmware for Leaf backs (compatible with Leaf Capture 11.3.5).
 - Tethered support and file support for the Leaf Aptus-II 10R.
 - JPEG Quickproof® support on Windows.
 - More stable tethering driver for Windows 64 bit.
 - QuickLook and WIC support for Leaf MOS files.
 - A number of bug fixes.
Expression Media support:
 - Easily add a selection of images to an Expression Media catalog.
 - Preview images in Expression Media using Capture One’s default rendering.
 - Transfer rating and color tag between applications by drag and dropping images.
 - Create an album with images found by searching in Expression Media.

When we've tested and approved the new version we'll make a note of it on our website.

You can always use this link to buy Capture One from Capture Integration at a 10% discount.

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