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Author Topic: LCW Fader IQ troubles  (Read 2879 times)


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LCW Fader IQ troubles
« on: February 05, 2010, 04:41:25 pm »


Since it's a newer product I thought to share my recent experiences with the LCW Fader ND (LightCraftWorkshop), which were not so good...

I've bought it last january from an authorised reseller here in the Netherlands.
The good news, the device works, is solidly build for the price and has clear stop markings and the price is right (or is it...)
The bad news: During my first shoot using a 5dMkII with 70-200 2.8IS I noticed the image looked unfocussed and I could not get it fixed. At home I did a simple test and the results were bad. The out focus effect starts at the min setting and increases up to the max setting. See included samples.

In the mean time I've had contact with my reseller and they informed me they just received a notice by LCW that (at least) the combo 5dMkII with probably any 77" filter lens, but confirmed were 70-200 and 100-400, will not work properly. I'm still waiting for a reply from LCW whom I informed my findings as well. I'll get a refund but still its sad.

So now what... get a Singh-ray?! Hmmm... that's more than a fist full of euro's.

Kind regards,

Key to samples:
Canon 5dmkII + EF70-200LIS @115mm @f5.6 @iso400
tripod mounted, IS turned off, remote controlled, manual focus, no other filters applied
JPEGs extracted @100% from RAW data, cropped, no postprocessing applied.

Focuspoint is dented the corner of measure device

20100203_test_0001-4 without LCW Fader ND
20100203_test_0002-4 with LCW Fader ND @ min setting
20100203_test_0004-3 with LCW Fader ND @ max setting
20100203_test_0001-5 with LCW Fader ND @ medium setting
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