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Author Topic: D700 w/h Nikon 24mm PC-E vs 5DmkII w/h Canon TS-E II 24mm  (Read 3729 times)


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D700 w/h Nikon 24mm PC-E vs 5DmkII w/h Canon TS-E II 24mm
« on: December 01, 2009, 10:09:08 pm »

This is not intended to be a d700 vs 5dmkii war..
I currently own the D700 w/h all of Nikons PC-E lens which I love and was hoping that nikon would introduce a D700 replacement this year but it looks like thats not going to happen and a D3X is out of my reach$$$. I do all my own prints on my HPZ3200 PS 24" printer, and I like to sometimes print 20x30 which is where I would love to have the extra resolution.
Am i crazy to think that the 5D would give me a "better" quality 20x30 print over my D700?
Yes I always use good technique.. ie Tripod, Mirror Lock up and cable release shoot at F8 ISO 200 and proper pp I use capture NX2 then go into PS CS4 do capture and output sharpening using PhotoKit Sharpener

I have read all about the D700 being  a better built camera, superior auto focus which I never use etc. yet with no 24mp nikon in the near future i am thinking canon.. I don't know.

I think I would have gone canon when the 5dmkii came out but I saw the results using the original TS-E 24mm lens and i was not impressed at all and there was no talk of a new TS-E 24mm at that time.

Leica S006, Leica SL HP Z3200 PS Printer
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