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Author Topic: FS: North Face Surge Backpack (I've taken this bag around the world in 3.5 days)  (Read 21821 times)


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For Sale: North Face Surge Backpack (I've taken the Surge around the world shooting for 3.5 days)

The North Face Surge backpack, while not a photography specific backpack, has excellent potential for the travelling photographer. I have two of North Face Surge backpacks and am selling off my spare as I clean out my closet of redundant bags.

The North Face Surge is fairly compact, with the dimensions of 21"x12"x9" however it is an extremely effective bag in its design.  The multiple separate interior compartments and low-profile design allow this backpack to comfortable, and ergonomically, hold a surprising amount of gear.

The rear top-loading laptop slot is fantastic for navigating airport security, allowing for the bag to be fully loaded, and giving direct access to the laptop without entering the main compartment.  Am interesting feature of the North Face Surge is its 'hidden' bottom compartment.  This compartment is ideal for storing laptop power supplies and other chargers. As this compartment is not easily seen, and hard to access, it is also a viable security pocket.

What can the North Face Surge hold?  Well this is what was packed within my North Face Surge for a 3.5 day assignment that involved photographing 4 different projects in 4 countries, on 3 continents, completely spanning the globe.
4 - pairs of underwear
4- pairs of socks
3 - button up shirts
1 - sweater
2 - Nikon SB-28dx flashes
1 - Pocket Wizard transmitter
2 - Pocket Wizard receivers
1 - Calumet Swivel adapter
1 - PhotoFlex 22″ white/gold reflector
2 - Pocket Wizard PC cables,
1 - Ilford Anti-Stat cloth
1 - Manfrotto 3373 compact light stand (attached to the exterior mesh pocket)
1 - Apple 15″ PowerBook
1 - Apple AC power supply
1 - Case Logic neoprene laptop protector sleeve
1 - Sony PSP & Power Supply
1 - Case of 4 UMD (PSP) Disks
1 - Apple 60gb iPod
1 - Sony MDR-NC22 Noise Canceling Headsets
1 - APC emPower in-seat power inverter
1 - Canon BP-511 Battery Charger
1 - Three-way outlet splitter
1 - 12 slot DVD holder
1 - Motorola USB phone charger (for Motorola Razr & Blackberry 8700)
1 - Stick of Right Guard (alpine scent)
1 - Toothbrush/Toothpaste kit
1 - hair brush
2 - packs of sani-wipes
1 - US to Euro power-tip adapter
1 - US to UK/HK power-tip adapter
1 - Pair of Oakley sunglasses
2 - Packs of Kleenex tissues
4 - Sentry combination locks
1 - Eagle Creek locking cable
3 - Pens / Sharpie Markers
2 - Spare sets of 4 “AA” batteries
2 - Spare “AAA” batteries
1 - Lonely Planet “Encounters” Guide
*(2 cameras were carried on my shoulders & extra lenses were carried in a belt/pouch system)*

In addition to the 3.5 day round the world project spanning the globe, I have also used the North Face Surge to head off to Paris to shoot a 3 day wedding in Paris, with no checked baggage.

The North Face Surge I am selling is in excellent condition, as it was second backpack, not my primary backpack (which I still use regularly) .    

The Surge for sale has seen light duty. It does has a not-full-functioning elastic draw-string on the exterior left mesh pocket designed to hold a water bottle (due to one of my kids yanking on it) and a cosmetic crease on the interior wall separating the main compartment from the laptop compartment. This crease was caused by the bag hanging against a light stand in my closet for the past few months.

You can view interior photos of the The North Face Surge, and read user reviews at here:

You can my detailed write up of the North Face Surge from May 2008 here:  and how to use this bag as a 'combined system for photogs' here:

Below are 5 photos of the actual bag I am selling.

The North Face Surge currently sells for US$115 at virtually every online retailer I check I'm selling my spare North Face Surge, literally used twice...and never on the road... for US$65 including CONUS shipping & PayPal fees.

Any question? Drop me an e-mail at

Happy Flying.

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