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SET data = SUBSTRING('\r\nvar smf_themeInfo = {\r\n 3012: {\r\n name: \'Hextech\',\r\n desc: \'Hextech
A dark spacey grungy like smf theme.

Features :
Responsive Design
Remixed Info Center
Social Media Section
MultiColor Theme with a color switcher.
Remixed Breadcrumb
Avatar of last poster shown in last post section of the board index.

License :
Font Awesome License -

SMF Version :

Patch Notes :
1.0 : Initial Release
1.1 :
Board Icons Update : Replaced the Board Icons with some Font-Awesome icons.
Adjustment : Adjusted the background color of the popup window for emotes.
Adjustment: Fixed the width of the board icon area in the message index.
Adjustment: Adjusted the recent posts section to show less for smaller screens.
Bug Fix : Fixed the user menu lists not showing properly for smaller screens.

1.1.1 :
Added Feature : You can now enable or disable the top right color switcher.
Adjustment: Adjusted the header padding.
Update: Updated the Font-Awesome Icons to the latest version 6.2

1.1.2 :
Update : Updated for SMF 2.1.3
Adjustment: Adjusted the breadcrumb so that all arrows are even.
Adjustment: Adjusted input box height.
Bug Fix: Fixed the HR tag not displaying.

1.1.3 :
Bug Fix : Fixed an issue where the user section and login would not show on smaller screens.
Adjustment: Adjusted the breadcrumb display on smaller screens.
Adjustment: Now shows the unread posts and updated topics links on smaller screens.

1.1.4. :
Adjustment: Adjusted how width is set on everything. Removed cap of 1700px.
Adjustment: Adjusted link and text colors on certain background like the approve background.

1.1.5 :
Updated for SMF 2.1.4 and the Attachment UI changes.
Adjustment: Adjusted a few text colors for legibility.

Adjustment: Adjusted some text colors in the profile section for visibility reasons.
Adjustment: Adjusted the last post section width just a tad.
Adjustment: Adjusted some windowbg  hover background colors.
Adjustment: Adjusted the line-height in the manage board section so the text was centered better vertically.
Adjustment: Adjusted some border colors in the ACP.
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 3027: {\r\n name: \'GreyedOut\',\r\n desc: \'GreyedOut
GreyedOut is an old school inspired grey theme.

Remixed Breadcrumb
Remixed Footer
Built In Forum Width Adjustment
Footer Links
Social Network Links
Font Awesome Icons


SMF Version:

Patch Notes:
1.0 : Initial Release
1.0.1 :
New Feature: You can add an image to the footer links now. Suggested max size 88x31.
Adjustment: Adjusted the forum title link color to match the rest of the theme.
Adjustment: Adjusted some other border colors to match the rest of the theme.
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 3026: {\r\n name: \'Burnt\',\r\n desc: \'Burnt
A dark burnt looking responsive theme
\"\" \"\"

Patch Notes:
1.0 : Initial Release
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 3025: {\r\n name: \'Chakra\',\r\n desc: \'Chakra
Chakra is a light multicolor mellow tone SMF theme.

Responsive Design
Social Links
MultiColor with a color switcher
Remixed Footer
Separated Sticky/Normal topics in the message index


SMF Version:

Patch Notes:
1.0 : Initial Release
New Feature: Added Teal, Orange, Yellow, and Purple color variations.
New Feature: Added an enable/disable for the color switch in theme settings.
Adjustment: Adjusted the pop up window heading text color.
Adjustment: Removed the un-needed border on the info_center title bar.
Adjustment: Removed un-needed files.

Adjustment: Adjusted the quote box background color for some of the color variations.
\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'TwitchisMental\'\r\n },\r\n 2209: {\r\n name: \'Simple Theme\',\r\n desc: \'Its just a simple theme ,kind of a variation of curve but it has some different code lines.I used the fading news to index.template.php,so dont say where is that code in the boardindex.template.

\',\r\n file: \'\',\r\n author: \'Onur Bekiro─člu\'\r\n }\r\n};\r\nvar smf_featured = 3012;\r\nvar smf_random = 2209;\r\nvar smf_latestThemes = [3027, 3026, 3025];\r\nfunction smf_themesMoreInfo(id)\r\n{\r\n window.smfLatestThemes_temp = document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\").innerHTML;\r\n\r\n // !!! Why not just always auto?\r\n document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\").style.overflow = \"auto\";\r\n setInnerHTML(document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\"),\r\n \'\\\r\n

\' + smf_themeInfo[id].name + \'


View Theme Now!

\\\r\n \"\"\\\r\n
\' + smf_themeInfo[id].desc.replace(/\\\r\n
\\\r\n \');\r\n}\r\n\r\nfunction smf_themesBack()\r\n{\r\n document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\").style.overflow = \"\";\r\n setInnerHTML(document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\"), window.smfLatestThemes_temp);\r\n window.scrollTo(0, findTop(document.getElementById(\"smfLatestThemesWindow\")) - 10);\r\n}\r\n\r\nwindow.smfLatestThemes = \'\\\r\n
\\\r\n \"(package)\"\\\r\n \';\r\nif ( smf_featured !=0 || smf_random != 0 )\r\n{\r\n\r\n if ( smf_featured != 0 )\r\n window.smfLatestThemes += \'\\\r\n

Featured Theme


\\\r\n \'+smf_themeInfo[smf_featured].name + \' by \' + smf_themeInfo[smf_featured].author+\'\\\r\n

\';\r\n if ( smf_random != 0 )\r\n window.smfLatestThemes += \'\\\r\n

Theme of the Moment


\\\r\n \'+smf_themeInfo[smf_random].name + \' by \' + smf_themeInfo[smf_random].author+\'\\\r\n

\';\r\n}\r\nwindow.smfLatestThemes += \'\\\r\n
\';\r\n\r\nfunction findTop(el)\r\n{\r\n if (typeof(el.tagName) == \"undefined\")\r\n return 0;\r\n\r\n var skipMe = in_array(el.tagName.toLowerCase(), el.parentNode ? [\"tr\", \"tbody\", \"form\"] : []);\r\n var coordsParent = el.parentNode ? \"parentNode\" : \"offsetParent\";\r\n\r\n if (el[coordsParent] == null || typeof(el[coordsParent].offsetTop) == \"undefined\")\r\n return skipMe ? 0 : el.offsetTop;\r\n else\r\n return (skipMe ? 0 : el.offsetTop) + findTop(el[coordsParent]);\r\n}\r\n\r\nfunction in_array(item, array)\r\n{\r\n for (var i in array)\r\n {\r\n if (array[i] == item)\r\n return true;\r\n }\r\n\r\n return false;\r\n}\r\n', 1, 65534)
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