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Author Topic: Light Source files for Profile Maker 5?  (Read 3163 times)


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Light Source files for Profile Maker 5?
« on: July 02, 2009, 10:37:03 pm »

So I posted this earlier on dpreview's printing forums, but I think few people there use PM5, so I thought I'd try here.

Basically, I got an exceptional deal on a used i1isis last week and it came with the isis, an i1d2, profile maker 5 publish, and various software related to the i1d2. (no obc package) I also own a colormunki which I've been using for a couple years pretty steadily to learn about print profiling.

So I've been learning how to use the isis by generating various profiles for the costco glossy paper using pm5 and the isis. Overall I'm pretty happy with the profiles and the increased smoothness of gradation and grey neutrality when I use the 4096 patch target.

My problem is that I usually use a viewing light which has a solux 3500k bulb. I looked through the light source files included with PM5 and found that they had data for D65, D50, 3400k tungsten, etc. But no data for 'full spectrum' 3500k like the solux. I tried generating a profile for 3400k tungsten but it looked weird under the solux and even weirder in daylight. A D50 generated profile looks pretty good in general, but doesn't match the calibration of my monitor unless I push the whitepoint of my monitor way down.

Examination of the light source files reveals that they do in fact have actual spectral data in them and not just a whitepoint. How do I either get more light source files, or create my own with the tools I have? I looked through measuretool, colorpicker, etc, but couldn't figure out how to create that particular type of measurement file.

I have a sinking feeling that I would also need an i1pro in order to be able to get full spectral data from ambient room conditions? Any chance anyone could just share their 3500k full spectrum light source files with me?



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Light Source files for Profile Maker 5?
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 04:12:51 pm »

You might check if the Solux company can send you the measurement data. I am sure they would have it. Otherwise you would need a spectroradiometer (e.g., Eye-One Pro) to perform the measurement.
Eric Chan
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