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Author Topic: Capture One 4.x Skin tone?  (Read 3653 times)


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Capture One 4.x Skin tone?
« on: June 24, 2009, 08:15:20 pm »

What's the best approach to get consistent skin color accross different pictures / lights setups? It looks kinda weird if a model is really tanned on one pic and then lighter on a different one. Also tints can really jump at you if a set of pictures is printed next to each other.

Sometimes skin tune works great, sometimes skin turns completely freaky green or something. And sometimes skin looks okay but general whitebalance is completely off.

As about 95% of my pictures have people (and obviously skin) in them I often need to make two conversions. One for skin and one for the background. Then layer in photoshop and mask out all non-skin areas.

That's work I never had to do with Provia, Astia and their friends.

It would be really great if C1 could just automatically identify skin areas (maybe a Photoshop like SELECT COLOR RANGE color picker could help) and allow SIMPLE isolated color tuning without the Color editor that is too cumbersome/slow.
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