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Author Topic: Need some analysis for some opinions  (Read 1230 times)


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Need some analysis for some opinions
« on: June 16, 2009, 12:44:57 pm »

I saw some discussions from the largest Photography Forum in Hong Kong and I felt quite lost about some of the points that a user pointed out.  He said:

  • Nikon has yellowish problem?  Yes, under artificial light.  If you use 18% grey card or white balance tools like Expodisc to set custom white balance, I have no yellowish problem issue.

  • My subjective idea is that Nikon's AWB under Sunlight is actually better than Canon.  Maybe it is also the reason why people think Nikon is better for Landscape.

  • Yes, Nikon's official answer to yellowish is "yes", but it is on propose.  Nikon has done a very extensive marketing research in the past years and found out that Asian people prefer more "yellow", whereas western people prefer "blue".  It is because of their skin ton and cultural preferences etc...  For your information, Sony is more "red".  Canon is somewhere in the middle.  That's why some people think Canon's color is more natural.  However, Nikon does know different people have different tastes, so you can download the official picture style from Nikon to correct the "yellow" issue.

  • Many professional commercial photographer will use "Neutral" and shot RAW because "Standard" in Nikon is referring Nikon's standard.  It is already included the consumer's taste from Nikon's own research.  In fact, computer does not know what is "red".  Computer only knows number eg. 255 255 255.  If you are shooting RAW and convert with "neutral" as picture style output as Adobe 1998, with the same camera setting, you will get almost identical output (in term of color) even it is taken by different brand of camera.

  • If you ask other Chings from this forum or visit more reviews from many professional sites, you will see Carl Zeiss lenses have areas that are better then Canon's L lenses.

What do you guys think about what he have said?  
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