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Author Topic: Z3200 Paper Handling  (Read 1545 times)


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Z3200 Paper Handling
« on: April 03, 2009, 05:06:21 pm »

Hello everyone, I'm getting ready to purchase my first quality printer and am looking at the Z3200.  I've read the printers from Canon and Epson are excellent as well.  The primary reason why I am considering the Z3200 is because of the deeply discounted prices that it is currently being offered at.  One of my concerns is paper handling, it was mentioned on this thread that the Z3200 can have problems with handling certain papers.  Could any users of this printer elaborate on this?  For those who own this printer what are your experiences like?



John Caldwell

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Z3200 Paper Handling
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2009, 06:00:09 pm »

Handling of roll goods has been fully uncomplicated in my 5 month experience. I have been through a range of mid and heavyweight glossy and matte media. I have not attempted canvas of transparency media.

The strength of the Z3200 does not lie, in my view, in its ability to handle cut sheet material. Having said that, I've gotten satisfactory results on letter and super B size papers, with the caveat the centering the image on the paper has involved some trial and error. Further, you must choose from commonly available sizes of cut paper to use the sheet feeder.

Others have reported some mechanical problems with paper transport, but a solution was apparently found in at least once instance:

Z3200 Scratches on Print

Although I'm still working to get better print results with some media, I would buy the Z3200 again. Like you, I was influenced by the discount. The only way that ownership has been a disappointment has been in dealing with HP tech support. Other users may well have had different experience, but I have been startled by my contacts with HP support staff. Thankfully, there are good online discussions.

John Caldwell
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