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Author Topic: Panasonic GH-1 combocam  (Read 5400 times)


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Panasonic GH-1 combocam
« on: March 03, 2009, 01:03:00 pm »

Panasonic has officially announced its Micro FourThirds "combocam", the GH-1, with a video-adapted 14-140 lens. The lens has a different type of AF motor intended to offer more silent AF operation, to better support AF in video mode.

Samsung's mockup of its coming NX mirrorless "hybrid" system camera also has video mode indicated.

To me, mirror-less systems like this have better potential for the video and stills combination, or at least better handling of the video side. I hope Michael will try the GH-1+14-140 and report.

P. S. Hybrid is the word
Both Panasonic and Samsung are using the word "hybrid" to describe these new cameras combining SLR sized sensors, video and still imaging, interchangeable lenses and full time video-style viewfinders (LCD,EVF).

Perhaps "hybrid" will become the standard name for what a lot of us enjoy calling EVIL cameras. At least for the ones with video recording, which I expect will be all of them soon enough.
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