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Author Topic: i1 reading weirdness in emission mode in PM5.08  (Read 2572 times)


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i1 reading weirdness in emission mode in PM5.08
« on: February 21, 2009, 11:50:26 am »

I own PM5.08 and i1Pro and I constantly get wrong results when I try to measure patches on my monitor with the spot color module or the measuring module inside the Measure Tool.
The i1 is rightly configured on emission and spectral data unchecked.
My monitor is calibrated and profiled (dE=0.38 Monitor Validator  iMatch 3.6.2).
For example if I measure the  big gray patch inside Measure Tool (spot color) instead of getting a Lab value around (70,0,0) I get (95.1,-3.5,-22.6)
and  pure white patch gives (118,-1.5,-27.5) which is absurd since L range is 0-100.
I try the same procedure on three different computers running XP and Vista with also three different monitors (perfectly calibrated and profiled dE<0.4 Monitor Validator ).No way to get a consistent Lab values reading by Measuring or Spot color inside Measure Tool.
Do you have any idea about what makes the program to behave in such a weird way?
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