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Author Topic: Requesting Advice on Possible EOS 1DS MK II Trade-in  (Read 1081 times)


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Requesting Advice on Possible EOS 1DS MK II Trade-in
« on: February 17, 2009, 11:52:53 am »

I just received an EOS 1DS MK II body as a hand-me-down, which is great (my Dad just bought the 5D MK II).  I have been shooting with a Canon 20D.  I currently use the Canon 70~200mm f/2.8L IS, often with the 1.4X converter, the 50mm f/1.2L, and the Canon EFS 17-85mm f/4.5-5.6 IS that came with the 20D.  I also have a Digital Rebel, the original, with a Tamron longish zoom, and a Tamron wide-ish zoom, neither of which are great.  My teenage daughter likes to use the Rebel.

I enjoy shooting nature, landscape, and people.  Of particular interest to me though, are sports.  My kids are in high school, and I take photos of swimming, lacrosse, and some skiing.  I value the high fps of the 20D, and I believe it is actually faster than the 1DS MKII at 5 fps to 4.  I would also really appreciate a higher ISO, especially for swimming pictures.  The pools are not very well lit, and I don't have a flash (other than the built-in), nor would I want to use a flash very often if I did have one.  I've been shooting more big JPEGs than RAW, but I'm beginning to appreciate the flexibility of RAW files.

So I have the good fortune to get the 1DS MK II, but if I just switch to that as my main camera, I'm wondering what I've gained?  Obviously I have a bigger digital file, a full screen file.  And, I've got 3200 ISO rather than 1600, which will help a bit for swimming. The battery being larger makes me wonder if I will have improved battery life, but it hasn't really been a problem thus far. But on the downside, I've got a bigger, heavier camera, and up until now a lot of my shooting has been hand held.   Also, this switch would leave me with no wide angle lens at all, only the 50 and the 70 - 200, because the EFS lens won't work on the full frame camera.  The LCD monitor is also the same size, and I have been envious of the new larger screens ever since I saw it on a friend's 30D.

The hand-me-down camera is in good shape, and I have the original box, manuals, etc.  I live in Minneapolis, and we have an excellent store that takes trade-ins.  I haven't researched what I could get for the 1DS MK II yet.  I would also consider adding the 20D body to the trade toward a new camera and perhaps a new wide angle lens if needed.  But I'm wondering if it would be enough to trade for 1) the 5D MK II, which would give me the ISO and the large screen, but would necessitate a new wide angle purchase, or 2) if I should instead trade it for a new 50D.  It seems the 50D would give me the (much) higher ISO, the faster fps, the larger LCD monitor, and let me keep the EFS 17-85 lens.  Perhaps I would even have left over $$ for a new lens purchase.

Any advice?  Also, is there a difference in FPS when shooting RAW?

Thank you in advance.

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