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Author Topic: XNView A free image Viewer that's worhty  (Read 1629 times)


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XNView A free image Viewer that's worhty
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:15:23 am »

I don't know how all of you look at jpgs when you don't want to open Bridge, or use the built in Windows viewer, but I have a copy of the original ACDsee classic version I've kept around all these years to do simple, fast browsing and viewing.

The problem is that it came out as one of the first 32bit software packages, so you can see how old that software is. The interface was just brilliant and like it should be.

I've tried Irfanview over the years and it's good, but I never liked it. For me, it's clumsy and clunky. I've tried many, many viewers over the years, including Picasa--sucks--and so many others. None had the user interface that that classic version of ACDSee had.

Oh yes, and the stipulation is that it be FREE.

ACDSee was getting so old in the tooth it was pretty much only good for gifs, jpgs, and bmps, though, so that was why I started looking, literally years ago.

Well, after preliminary usage, I think I've found it.

XNview. The interface uses the same type of navigation Lightroom and Classic ACDsee had, one of which is double click to view the image, double click to go back to the library. Plus, it views just about anything you can image, even CAD files. I think it can even view Nikon & Canon RAW files.

Anyway, just a head's up for anyone looking for a really nice, fast, multi-file viewer. It's not only a viewer though. It can do lossless jpg manipulations, etc. I just wanted it for viewing. I think it even has a built in FTP protocol.
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