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Author Topic: Michael, do you still like your Kodak DCS back?  (Read 2073 times)

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Michael, do you still like your Kodak DCS back?
« on: May 07, 2004, 06:19:22 pm »


I haven't done much works recently with the Proback. The reason has been the type of shooting that I've been doing for the past few months, wildlife and travel rather than landscape. I'll be using it again next month on my next Iceland shoot and workshop.

But, the back remains a favourite and when I need maximum image quality it is my first choice. At ISO 100 or 200 it is superb, and I've never had any regrets other than the fact that it's not full-frame.

There are new backs coming, such as the Phase P25, which will likely be very tempting, but also mightily expensive.

The thing to realize here is that at the top of the food chain, which is where these products are located, the incremental improvements are very small indeed. A used DCS Pro Back for under $7,000 (referbished by Kodak) would be a very good investment and I can recommend it highly.



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Michael, do you still like your Kodak DCS back?
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2004, 05:12:16 pm »


It sounds almost as a rhetoric question but it`s not.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that most of work you published recently was done with Minolta A2 some time just passed and usually with time some things look from a bit different angle.

I`m on the market for a digital back right now for my 645 Contax and my choice is almost set on new Leaf 17wi. The only question that still rings in my mind is I`m going to pay about of $10K more for this Leaf than I could pay for a used DCS from Ebay.
Does it worth paying so much? What do you think? I just afraid to call a Leaf sales rep for a test - I just feel that most probably I`ll take it if I see results  

The thing that holds me with DCS is the fact that a lot of people I spoke to complained about Kodak DCS image quality and a lot of people are selling these backs for whatever reasons. I don`t see much people selling Leaf or Phase One backs.

Major applications will include stock work in my studio and on location, studio portraiture and of course my hobby landscapes and travel.
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