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Author Topic: Capture One Pro 4.5.2 IPTC info very poor ?  (Read 3237 times)

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Capture One Pro 4.5.2 IPTC info very poor ?
« on: December 23, 2008, 07:23:38 am »


after buying a Nikon D700 I didn´t like the conversions with Lightroom. Not using Capture One Pro since 3.7.7 came out, I installed V 4.5.2 now and I do like the image quality (in conjunction with th D700).

Something that really worries me are the absolutely poor options for IPTC information. I can only write into "Caption" and "Copyright".

Do I understand something wrong? Should I read the manual again? I mean we are almost in the year 2009 and I´m used to leave my whole contact information in the file, as well as the location, the date and some additional stuff. I don´t want to edit this in Photoshop.

Phocus does this, Lightroom does it, and, AFAIR C1pro 3.7.7 did it also. So what´s wrong? Am I wrong?

Best, merry christmas and a wonderful new year 2009,

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