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Author Topic: Canon 24-105 L f4 & Error 01  (Read 3959 times)


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Canon 24-105 L f4 & Error 01
« on: December 10, 2008, 03:14:13 pm »

A while back I started having problems with this lens after 2 years of ownership, predominantly in SE Asia and India. Maybe 6 months ago started to have sticking zoom problem around the 75mm mark, sometimes jamming. But with not doing so much photography in the last 6 months and other priorities taking over I never got round to sending it off to get fixed.

So I've been making do with it in the meantime but on a hiking trip last weekend it started to behave very oddly. Was trying to take a picture and while looking through the viewfinder it the image started to vibrate like the IS had gone all weird and couldn't engage properly, it made a hideous buzzing sound too, and my 5D displayed Error 01. Tried other lenses to make sure it wasn't a camera problem and thankfully not - it all works fine. Put the lens on my friends 40D and the playback screen gave some more detailed info on what an error 01 meant - something about signal malfunction between camera and lens, and that I should clean the contacts. I used my lens cloth but it hasn't made any difference. Is there a more specific technique to cleaning the contacts that I can try?

It may well be that the two problems are interrelated and lens contact error just a red herring. All in all my lens is def due an overhaul. Does anyone from the UK have any specific recommendations on where it's best to have it checked out (warranty no longer valid)? Is direct to Canon the cheapest/best? Through Jessops? Or some other 3rd party sources?

Thanks for any tips,

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