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Author Topic: Newly Updated Anti-Theft Camera Strap - PacSafe's Updated CarrySafe Strap  (Read 1394 times)


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Earlier this year I started to use the PacSafe CarrySafe100 anti-theft camera straps. After using the Domke 1" Gripper for literally more than half of my life, I switched all my straps to the PacSafe strap due to the similar size and function of these straps to the Domke straps, with the added protection of them being slash proof and having a locking connection to the camera.

The original CarrySafe 100 straps did however have one huge flaw. The strap's shoulder padding could be slick and cause your strap to slide off your shoulders.   My answer to this problem was to slice off the pads and use a 'bare' strap.

I had the opportunity to address this problem with PacSafe when meeting them at their offices in Hong Kong earlier this year, and others expressed the same concerns.  I am happy to report that PacSafe has listened to its customers and changed the pad significantly so it now features a non-slip grip pad making this strap (in my opinion) damn near perfect.

Having travelled extensively as an editorial and corporate photographer, I have found the PacSafe CarrySafe 100 strap is ideal for anyone traveling, or working in the street, as a photographer. The width of strap makes it idea for both SLR and point-&-shoot cameras.

If you're interested in finding out more about the newly updated strap, I have written about the newly updated PacSafe Carry Safe strap and placed up some photos comparing the new and old shoulder pad for comparison here:
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