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Author Topic: Confusing loss of neutral grays  (Read 2063 times)

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Confusing loss of neutral grays
« on: December 04, 2008, 09:26:52 am »

Prior to getting my NEC 3090 and profiling it with SpectraViewII, I would send B&W images to my HPZ3100 as RGB files, with application-managed color.  I was always stunned by how neutral the grays, whites and blacks were in the prints, regardless of what paper and Z3100-generated profile I used.  They always appeared nuetral in the Photoshop soft-proofs, as well.  The now-defunct monitor was a CRT, profiled with HP's APS.

After calibrating and profiling my NEC 3090 with SpectraView several times with different target values I finally arrived at a configuration that matches my prints as well as they had been with the old monitor.  The settings are:

1) Gamma: Native
2) White Point: D65.  The info page in SpectraView says the actual target is 6503 k, and the value measured by Spectraview is 6530 k
3) Luminosity: Target 110 cd/m2, actual value 109.8.
4) Primary color values: Factory values, as I am using the i1 Display 2 colorimeter.

I am printing on Epson Premuim Glossy, with an APS generated profile.  Whether I profilied the monitor with native gamma or with a value of 2.2, when I process an image as B&W it appears neutral on the monitor and also when softproofed in CS4.  When printed, it looks warm, very slightly tending more toward yellow.  Since this does not appear in the softproof, I guessed at a correction toward the blue and the print improved somewhat.

My main concern is where the discrepancy occurred.  I tried printing some old B&W's, and they came out neutral, so there is either a problem in the monitor's profile or in the softproofing.  I stand in awe of how little I know about these things
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