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davi russo

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Please Help me
« on: November 03, 2008, 05:14:27 pm »

Hello All,

let me please introduce myself before getting to my question...
My name is Davi Russo and this is my first post, but i have been an avid fan of this site for over two years now. (thank you to Michael and his crew to keep it up and running)

i have learned so much, and so very thankful for being abel to go to a discussion board were i fell people take time to actually give thought on answers..
i hope that i will be abel to return the favor in sharing when i see there are topics i can contribute back onto.

to give some background, i have been more of a B&W shooter, (while reading up and dabbling into color for the past few years) and have luckily worked my way around a proper CMS set up. this is no longer the case...

now that i have converted to full digital workflow over the past two years, watched and watched "From Camera to Print" and the "LR2 videos", over and over.....
invested valuable time reading these very helpful recommended books by: Andrew Rodney "Color Management for Photographers" and Amadou Diallo "Mastering Digital Black and White" then getting set up with an Eye 1 color management system, the next purchase on my list is a LCD monitor.

i have a decent understanding of CMS importance and workflow, so I been digging around forums and sites for as much information about LCD monitor purchase for getting great color management for my commercial and personal photography work.

it has gotten me by in the past, but I am at the point in my work, filled with frustration knowing that my Macbook Pro monitor is not (never) going to cut it for any more work now that i am understanding more about CMS.

i am looking for a LCD that will synch with my Eye1 photo system i have already invested in.
i primarily print proofs on my epson 2200 for now, and then have my real prints sent off to a Light-jet for digital C-prints.


MY queries comes down to:
i would really appreciate if any of you from the forum would not mind their recommendations about theses monitors i am deciding between to purchase.

  • Eizo | ColorEdge CG211 21.3"
  • Eizo | ColorEdge CG241W 24.1"
  • HP   | DreamColor LP2480zx
  • NEC | MultiSync 2690WUXi 25.5"

i know that price is a real differences between the Eizos and other compared monitors, (i am willing to pay the extra if i can really understand why it is so...
not for much knowledge, but i am heavily thinking towards them only due to seeing ( and using) them in some NYC proofing labs i have made prints in, for whatever that offers..

do the NEC (or other monitor) come to match in terms of reliability and real user opinion??

i know the HP is kinda a new wild card in the deck, and have only read a few posts on it here, the wide gamut of it kinda makes me little uncomfortable, not truly knowing how that needs to be delt with.. i am interested in it, and was recommend to purchase this monitor by my CMS instructor from my Eye 1 lesson. ( i do understand that HP is working with X-rite now)

i know this has been a little longwinded (i apologize), i just hope that someone dose not mind help pointing out possible more info to help me in understanding what attributes i should be concerned with when looking at monitor specs, or just give me their opinion.
anything at this time is great food for thought..
and will ultimately help me in my purchasing choice.

i deeply thank any help..
my best,
-davi russo


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