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Author Topic: HPZ Printer Utility v3.6 vrs v3.3.2 vrs Apple HP 1.1.1  (Read 1286 times)


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HPZ Printer Utility v3.6 vrs v3.3.2 vrs Apple HP 1.1.1
« on: October 20, 2008, 12:00:09 pm »

Hi all,
Here’s what happened. I had version 3.3.2 of HP Printer Utility up and running and am quite familiar with it.

FYI, I‘m on Mac  OS X.5.5, and using a HP Z3100ps GP.

Yesterday, I saw that HP has a newer version for my printer, v3.6, which I downloaded and installed.
Driver versions have been steady and stable for some time now thank you very much!

FUTURE THREAD: This new version makes some major changes to the HP Printer Utility software!

Last night, I checked for Apple Software Updates automatically using Software Update. It informed
me that there was an HP printer Driver Update v1.1.1 and knowing I was backed up decided
to see what it installed. One thing it did was write over HP Printer Utility v3.6 and replace it with v3.3.2.

I can’t believe that there can be so much confusion generated by all the players when it comes to
using a hardware device and keeping it’s software up to date.

I thought other users might like to know the status because neither Apple or HP cares to keep us
informed and organized, it seems to me, regarding their software and the team work required to use it.

So long for now, TOM
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