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Author Topic: A few P6000 samples  (Read 2444 times)


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A few P6000 samples
« on: October 05, 2008, 08:36:39 am »

Dear all,

I have been using a Coolpix P6000 for a few days. Here are a few samples:

And a 100% crop of the central section:

We are of course not at high end DSLR level of crispiness, but this seems very printable to me. This is ISO 64 though, I have not really used ISO100 much yet. Not sure if I ever will since the camera has an auto ISO capability where the top value can be adjusted to 100, 200 or 400. I intend to keep it on this mode most of the time. And my guess is that I will end up with images mostly at 64 or 400 ISO.

These raw images were converted with ACR4.6 RC on OSX 10.4.

Overall, I like this little camera. The low ISO noise is pretty well controlled, DR is not as bad as I feared it would be, and the overall speed of operation is good, even if raw saving takes a few seconds still.

What I like best about it is its pocketability. I did hesitate a bit between the P6000 and the G10, but the difference in weight (and size a bit also) made me go in favour of the Nikon.

G10: 350 gr, 109x78x46
P6000: 240 gr, 107x66x43

Image qualitywise, the first G10 samples I have seen make me think that they are in the same ballpart a low ISO. As of now, I feel like the P6000 is going to replace the GX-100 as my "always in my bag" camera.

Just for fun, an image taken in the same locale with a Mamiyz ZD medium format digital and the excellent Mamiya 28mm f4. lens. This image went through the same action for websize reduction. My personnal feeling is that, even at 700 pixel size, you can still feel the higher quality of the original file.

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