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XMP question
« on: August 23, 2008, 12:00:42 pm »

So I used Geosetter to tag a bunch of my 5D raw files.  I realize after the fact that I did this the wrong way, I turned on writing to XMP files and then overwrote the previous Lightroom settings.  Not a big deal since I hadn't done any processing.

I realize now I could have used the "read metadata from file" option instead.

So I just got a new batch of Taiyo Yuden DVD's to back up my last 4 years worth of photos.  And I have tons of XMP files to deal with.  Traditionally I have been using multiple external harddrives for this, but not backing up XMP's.

How do you all deal with this?  Long term I think I have decided to go DNG so the tagging (especially GPS) travels with the file.  But I have 4 years worth of Canon RAW's with XMP files for some of the folder but not for others.

Here is what I think I can do:

Everything written to the XMP files should be duplicated in the Lightroom database, so I could just turn off writing to XMP files, delete all XMP files, backup my original RAW's, and then convert to DNG and start a new catalog.  In the future I can just convert to DNG and backup the originals.

The main questions here are:

1) Everything in the XMP file is in fact duplicated in the Lightroom database, correct?
2) When I export to DNG all the Lightroom settings should be stored in the file, so when I start a new catalog all the processing will be saved, correct?
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