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Author Topic: Windows Home Server fix  (Read 2151 times)


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Windows Home Server fix
« on: August 06, 2008, 07:23:26 AM »

I thought I'd share my experience with my WHS setup. There were well documented issues with file corruptions which I too experienced. I got aroung this with much pain and tedious work arounds. MS have now finally released a service pack and the problem seems to be remedied (Hallelujah !)

I've noticed that my xp machine only acknowledges the first hard drive in WHS when you look for available space. This didnt worry me until Lightroom2 wouldn't allow me to save images to my server thinking it was out of space. When I turn this display off in LR2 the problem disappears

I went with WHS because I believed it to be a great server solution for our small studio. After a lot of pain I think it now is performing how I wanted it to from the beginning.

Cheers, Dean
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