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Author Topic: Butterflys  (Read 2621 times)

Jay Kaplan

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« on: June 22, 2008, 03:44:16 pm »

Michael's review of the Nikon R1C1 flash system for use with close-up and macro/micro photography featured butterflys at the Butterfly Conservatory in Southern Ontario.

For those of us located on the East Coast and more specifically in the Mid-Atlantic states there are two places  to also photograph butteryflys. The first is at Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia and the second is Brookside Gardens outside of Washington DC in Wheaton, MD. This is, in addtion to your backyard assuming you have flowering plants of interest to butterflys.

While I have not visited Longwood Gardens in a number of years, I have been to
Brookside Gardens  several times in the past few years. Lovely, relatively close to Baltimore, where I live, just about a 45 minute drive which is not too bad considering the price of gasoline now. Yeah, I know that at $4.00/gal for regular gas it is cheap by European standards, but everyone has to complain about something.  

In addition to the Wings of Fancy butteryfly exhibit, there are a substantial number of flowering plants that are in full bloom now until the first frost late this fall.

Michael, the mini-video was excellent and really aided in showing how to use the flash system. Hopefully, you will keep using these mini-video's when reviewing new and or intersting equipment. Not that I don't like the written reviews, but the video really adds to the "feel" of the equipment. This was especially so with the Nikon tilt/shift lens.

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