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Author Topic: 11880 mac os 10.5.3  (Read 1688 times)


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11880 mac os 10.5.3
« on: June 10, 2008, 08:19:40 pm »

I am in the process of switching from a pc to mac for my printing business.
I have had good success printing from my Pc.
The main reason for the switch is to enable me to use more ram.
It seems that mac has the 64 bit environment under control.

If ther is already a dedicated trad to the 11880 and mac osx 10.5..... it would be great to be pointed in that direction.
Otherwise any hints and suggestions as to the best way to get this combination to work would be appreciated.

i am currently running 2x 2.8 quad with 8gb of ram.
Aplications that i am trying to get to work are lightroom and photoshop.
I have been using breathing color papers and canvas. As well as the epson exibition fiber.

I have been printing over the network so far.
Files are coming from a hasselblad 39mp back.

Initial problems I am having with the mac driver is that what is being printed is not the same as being shown in the print pre view. I am I am ending up with a croped portion of the image that i was trying to print on the wrong position on the paper.

Inc levels communication etc is all working correctly


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