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Author Topic: oly e-410 died  (Read 1718 times)


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oly e-410 died
« on: June 09, 2008, 06:11:55 pm »

Bought camera feb 27,2008 from adorama They are closed for a holiday? My camera a e-410 died after I filled the 8 Gb cf card. I was shooting 3 shots in the standard, +1, -1 mode. card filled on the 2nd shot so I turned off the camera replaced the card and camera would not turn back on then I tried 2 other batteries and cards including an xd card still nothing. Im hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and am stuck with no camera in the high sierras, olympus wont help says I have to send it in and wait 6 to 10 business days. Adorama is on holiday what do I do now I can't wait 2 weeks. And I don't want to hike the high sierras with no camera already lost forester pass photo opportunity. any suggestions?


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oly e-410 died
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2008, 09:45:00 pm »

That's rough, it's a great camera, and they're usually very reliable.

I suppose you may want to look into equipment rental. However, usually it's the higher-end canon and nikon gear that are available for rental, which tend to be heavy, while I'm assuming you got the E-410 for the size and weight advantage it offered.

Have you tried calling Oly service in your area and explaining your situation? They've been known to give loaner cameras to customers stuck in tight situations with a piece of defective gear.
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