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Author Topic: Camera to print & Oscar movie on my Pocket PC  (Read 3441 times)

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Camera to print & Oscar movie on my Pocket PC
« on: March 15, 2008, 08:32:04 pm »

Hi All

I thought I would share this with you.

I have a Fujitsu Loox N560 whose main role for me is Sat Nav and carrying around Excel price list etc for my work (Note this is my own property but heh if it helps the day job [non photog ~ sadly !] so be it.

Right I had installed a while ago a third party media player and it did a good job for many files types so I tried the C2P movs.  Sadly they played badly.

Well I went to check if there was an update to the TCPMP player (open source) and found that it had gone mainstream here

To cut a long story short it plays the C2P (including chaptering) and the Oscar Peterson interview very well indeed.  The price of the player software IMO is modest (12.23 approx $24.95) and it now means I can watch & listen to something interesting in my lunch break whilst I am on the road.  The card SD card in the N560 has a limit of 2GB so I will have to remove and upload the movies in blocks to enjoy whilst out & about.

A purely personal recommendation for this method of viewing the movies.

A collection of mine here http://500px.c
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