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Author Topic: Live View with Flash  (Read 1253 times)


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Live View with Flash
« on: December 26, 2007, 08:48:03 am »

Well, first thing, I wanted to just report this... you see, when I ordered the 40D, the thing I loved most about Live View, was to have a gigantic viewfinder on the back, but shoot as I use to. Meaning, meter the scene with my flash meter, and shoot in manual mode, not shooting like a snapshot camera.

The camera arrived, and I played a lot, looked into the manual quickly to check out how to work, but felt the menu was self explanatory enough to simply go and use it straight away. And one of the first things I used, was Live View.

Monday, while doing some silly shots for Xmas cards for friends and clients, I took out the flash heads, set up the scene, metered, and started shooting. Then, I moved the camera to a somewhat low and unconfortble position with the tripod, and felt "Now it's a good time to use Live View!" and switched Live View on.

I switched it on, shot, and with the radio flash trigger, nothing happened, the camera auto-exposed despite being on M mode, and the flash didn't go. I took the sync cable and connected it directly to the camera, pressed the trigger, and once more, no flash :| I switch Live View off, and flash is back to life. Then, I surf the Live View menu for a while, hoping to find something that says something about the metering or flash use on Live View... I found nothing.

I'll now go check the camera manual, read about it, but I already suspect Live View won't work as I feel it should ( ie: a Live Viewfinder on your LCD, but otherwise, the camera responds to the settings you used, so, if you placed it on M mode, f2.8, 1/250 ISO 100.... it's gonna shoot exactly that way )... but rather, your camera becomes a ( very dumb ) snapshot camera, with auto-metering, auto-everything, no-focus, seriously, something I'll live without. If that's true, the 40D simply has no Live View for whatever it counts for me, it's honestly useless for me this way
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