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« on: November 06, 2007, 02:19:37 am »

Hi Folks:

My stepson works in the film industry (lighting and rigging) in Vancouver, and he sent me an e-mail highlighting this new product from a company called Rosco.  The 'Windows' in this case are actual panes of glass, not the Microsoft version.  I thought the effect might be of interest for people doing portrait work.  The link is: and there's a short movie there.  NB:  I couldn't get this page to load properly in Netscape, but after giving permission to an ActiveX control for a Windows Media Player extension in Internet Explorer, it loaded fine.  You can also see the movie here:


Edit:  Got a clarification from my stepson.  It's actually a gel that's applied to the window with a squeegee, and works in synch with a polarizing filter on the camera.
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