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Author Topic: B9180 driver updates  (Read 1688 times)


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B9180 driver updates
« on: October 02, 2007, 04:48:48 pm »

HP informed me via e-mail of a couple of updates to the B9180 driver.  One of them is described as follows:

"Updates your HP printer driver with the correct HP product name as listed in your printer's online and printed documentation. "

When I start to run this however, it appears to simply be the Photoshop plug-in.   I did not want to install the Photoshop plug-in twice, so I cancelled out of the install.

The other one gives a message to the effect "this update does not support any HP devices you have."  (I don't remember the exact message.)

Anyone have experience with these "updates"?


Edit:  I see the second one "Updates the HP Extended Capabilities printer software to reduce network traffic and correct garbled interface text."  Perhaps I don't have the "Extended Capabilities" software installed?
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