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Author Topic: Blue weirdness with 40D  (Read 1457 times)


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Blue weirdness with 40D
« on: September 27, 2007, 07:14:25 pm »

I'm linking an example from that evil DPReview place of a very weird blue blotch from a 40D raw conversion - the poster used ACR but I've seen similar in LR 1.2. It's an exageration of a luminance difference in an OOF blue light trail. The poster was shooting RAW + JPG and he posted the comparison.

I'm not talking about the obvious hue differences for most colors--that's to be expected and I understand why they're different. But I can't explain the incredible luminance/saturation difference in the specific blue area affected. (compare the 2nd JPG and 3rd ACR 100% crops)

Any thoughts?

BTW...I also posted this in the new and improved (and very slow!) Adobe Lightroom forum.
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