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Author Topic: Harman Inkjet Gloss FB AL  (Read 51304 times)

Ernst Dinkla

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Harman Inkjet Gloss FB AL
« Reply #100 on: October 09, 2007, 04:29:05 am »

- Sihl Baryt 285 (295?) - nice paper, but very (!) warm



You are the third one to mention the Sihl as tested. I like it too but on the Z3100 it needs the gloss enhancer to take away all the gloss difference and bronzing. The paper needs some extra gloss anyway but I wonder whether the 3800 inks show no gloss difference or bronzing on that paper. The Leica LFI magazine doesn't mention that aspect at all for the papers tested including the Sihl and they used an Epson R2400. I do not think that all the papers they tested were free of that kind of gloss issues. So that test lacks some of the German "Gr├╝ndlichkeit" that made the Leica image in the world so indestructible :-)

Ernst Dinkla

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