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Author Topic: !Need Help With Camera for Shoot!  (Read 5343 times)


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!Need Help With Camera for Shoot!
« on: August 01, 2007, 10:27:08 am »

Hey All,
I have been given a project to shoot a short film in the next few weeks and due to the lack of time/funding am forced to use borrowed equipment. I have been offered the use of a Panasonic NV-DX1 3 chip camera. Has anyone used one of these before? i shot a few test shots and the image is quite nice, the focus is a little fiddly and outputs are a little outdated but seems alrite for free, how well does it handle low light?. We are planning to shoot in Letterbox and than just manually crop it more in post but theirs just a few other things, which of these would be better for the shoot, the interiors are based around an interigation room so with low light and most dialogue will be spoken indoors in a controlled environment.

2x 800w Redheads + 1x 2 K Fresnel Spot
2x 800w Redheads + 1x Blondie

and for audio which would be better

Sennheiser K6 Boom (With Rycote and windsock)
Sennheiser 416 Boom (With Rycote and windsock)

Thanks alot!,
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