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Author Topic: Anyone have experience with comparing canvas?  (Read 1739 times)


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Anyone have experience with comparing canvas?
« on: July 17, 2007, 04:09:59 am »

I'm particularly interested in glossy canvas.  I've tried both the PremierArt Glossy and the Breathing Color Chromata White Glossy.  I've found that the PremierArt canvas to have a lot of distracting surface glare and fairly limited dmax (probably exacerbated by the glare).  The BC canvas, on the other hand, has a better dmax and saturation without the gloss causing a glare problem.  Nonetheless, I'm curious about Fredrix, Intellicoat, and Bulldog glossy canvases as well, and would like to find the canvas that is best suited to my needs.

I'm liking the BC stuff so far, but I'm wondering if the inkjet-receptive coating isn't a bit fragile.  I taped up two prints to the wall for comparison purposes, the PremierArt and the BC. and removal of the tape later pulled off lots of the white coating on the BC canvas (but did no such thing on the PremierArt canvas).

So, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with other glossy canvases.  Basically, I'd be interested in something that has characteristics similar to or better than the BC canvas, without  being so fragile.

And, yes, of course I intend to apply a top coat.  And I realize that would reduce any potential fragility on the part of the BC canvas.  But I'm still a little concerned about canvas where a 24-hour application of tape pulls off a good deal of white when removed.

Or do you think I should just go with matte canvas with a glossy coat?  The dmax and saturation on the BC glossy seems to be better than I would get going that route, though.

Any opinions or input would be appreciated.


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