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Author Topic: Print using HP's website driver interface in IE.  (Read 1507 times)

Tim Lookingbill

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Print using HP's website driver interface in IE.
« on: July 04, 2007, 05:17:57 pm »

Can someone explain what type of RIP or printer driver this is. I've never come across this method of printing.

Basically an HP 5500ps inkjet connected through a broadband ethernet connect through a router prints using a driver interface within an Internet Explorer page generated off HP's website. Files take 10 seconds to start printing instead of one minute off a Dell WinXP system's parallel connect.

You can control image quality and pick several color emulation settings, but it prints a perfect grayramp only it's navy blue while the rest of the colored image is yellowish brown and dark.
No way to select ICC profiles. You have to rely on the PDW media profiles loaded in the panel. Can you create a profile from this type of color response? There's no setting but sRGB that comes close to a RAW print.

Also I'ld like to know if the data is being shuffled upstream to HP's site round trip back through the router. Or is it just printing through the browser cache.

Very unusual.
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