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Author Topic: 2400 Roll Paper Dilemma  (Read 1508 times)


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2400 Roll Paper Dilemma
« on: June 25, 2007, 09:19:04 am »

I very much like the B&W prints I get from the 2400.  I have recently however been attempting to print 30 and 36 inch prints with only sporadic success.  The first roll of paper I purchased is Moab Entrada Bright 300gsm Matte.  I have successfully printed 3 or four but each took maybe 12 attempts at getting it through the rear loader.  More often than not, after everything sounds as if it is going to work, I get a paper jam message.  It then clears itself in a manner which would indicate that there was no paper jam.  

This occurs largely in CS3 because I can't seem to get Lightroom to acknowledge custom paper sizes.  The print is less that the 10,000 wide pixel limit I understand is built into LR.

Any suggestions?  Am I just asking too much from the 2400?  If so with great B&W prints as my goal, what would the next logical printer be.  I like the panorama's that are about 12x30 or 36" than I can get from good scans from my Xpan.

Are there other matte papers in 13" rolls that might work better?
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