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Author Topic: FullGamut preset for Z Series  (Read 1533 times)


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FullGamut preset for Z Series
« on: June 09, 2007, 06:09:55 am »

Hi there,

i know most of the guys here are much into photo than proofing and the z3100 ist much more around  than the z2100 – BUT the issue is the same.

re received the z2100 this week as a proofer replacement for our old epson 7600 (banding and moires – after some 26 kilometers *g*).

unfortunateley we were NOT able to get the colors tuned in – this means we simply didn't reach the tight tolarances required for proofing (ISOcoated_v2 aka FOGRA39).

after almost giving up someone told us to use a media on both the printer and the postscript rip which was obviously wrong (HP Premium InstantDry GLOSS – altough we were using a 3rd party SATIN media). and voila – the proofs were beeing able to be tuned in.

therefore – does anyone know the secrets behind the paper presets in the printer?
does anyone know which paper preset provides the largest gamut?

maybe this is also the secret to some of the RED issues that i have read about here – some of the paper presets simply have a limited gamut – maybe these with the RED trouble should give it a try to use an "unapropiate" paper type...


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