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Author Topic: Suggestion for Download Video + Slide show  (Read 3162 times)


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Suggestion for Download Video + Slide show
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:22:55 am »

One attraction of the download videos is that it would be very easy to include reasonably high quality jpegs of the photos that are discussed. May I suggest that a folder is added to the downloads that has jpegs that are sharp enough and large enough to be appreciated fully, on a PC monitor or an HD TV, without being so large that people will be tempted to print them out, eg max side 1920x1080 will fit onto an HD TV, yet, with the aspect ratio cropping (or enough jpeg compression) they are very unlikely to be of any use in producing anything larger than 6x4" prints. I find the quality you can see on screen in even highly compressed jpegs is much better than the quality seen in "slideshow" mode that come on DVDs meant for normal TV display. At least we'll have one area that is a definite upgrade on the previous DVDs. Just a suggestion...
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Christopher Sanderson

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Suggestion for Download Video + Slide show
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2007, 09:49:37 am »

This is a good suggestion but one that we will not implement for the following reasons:

- the shots are normally already on the web - either on this site or that of the featured photographer.

- with respect and with no personal inference, I do not believe that most photographers are willing to give their photographs away as screensavers, wallpaper etc. - at that kind of resolution that is what will happen.

But thanks for the suggestion

Chris S
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