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Author Topic: Lightroom Export action - framing application OSX  (Read 3211 times)


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Lightroom Export action - framing application OSX
« on: May 15, 2007, 07:07:10 pm »

Sometimes you find an application that is just helpful.
Take a look at Image Framer (OSX) from

What does it do?
In simple terms, ImageFramer places frames and mattes around images.
It is helpful for web galleries and for checking suitability of matte colours when mounting images.
You can use it to preview images and matte colours to customers.

In version 1.5 ImageFramer processed a single image at a time, it was helpful, but it wasn't Lightroomâ„¢ export post processing friendly.
The good news is that the author listens to users, and now in version 1.6 (downloadable from
The following features are available:

Batch processing of multiple images is possible. Of course it can be used as an export option for Adobe Lightroom or other programs.

You can pre-load a selected settings file on program start up, loading preset colour combinations.

ImageFramer also has the ability to export images at a constrained size, filled with background color when the original image is not an exact fit with the output dimension.
This is very useful for converting images for use on digital projectors, for presentations and camera club digital AV work.

There is a trial version (7 days), at

I declare an interest in this application, I have performed some beta testing.


Sid Jervis
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