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Author Topic: File size on export  (Read 1833 times)


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File size on export
« on: May 07, 2007, 10:44:10 am »

I have been shooting mainly in jpg with my 20D for a typical file size of 1.5-3 MB. RAW files are more like 5-7 MB.

Having started to use Lightroom as my standard workflow, I was very surprised when I started to re-export finished images to put in my 'show' folders: LR will typically add 1MB, sometimes more, to the original file size. A simple return-trip in jpg without any modification whatsoever will result in a bloated file every time. Reducing the quality of jpg in export also reduces the number of pixels, so is not acceptable.

1) Any idea why this is happening?

2) Any suggested workarounds?

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