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Author Topic: Problems playing the LLVJ #16 (.mp4)  (Read 3141 times)


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Problems playing the LLVJ #16 (.mp4)
« on: April 17, 2007, 09:39:12 am »


I’ve downloaded two days ago the first three segment of LLVJ #16 and I have a big playback problem: the video play 15 times faster than normal. This file seems to be encoded using the format H.264 (also called MPEG-4 or AVC) and has a .mp4 extension. This is not uncommon and I own a lot of video file in this format and it plays just fine with my usual setup. Now I’m quite confused because this is the first time I have a problem playing back a video file. Usually, when you do not have the right codec on your PC, you are missing video or audio but not this kind of "fast forward" problem.

The solution: install the VLC software they are suggesting on the website ( : it works for me without arming my PC. That being said, it’s not really acceptable for me since my living room's media center is not configure to use a separate playback software; leaving me with the obligation to watch it on my office PC. I didn't mind that much the downloadable version, since I can watch it on my big screen TV with a good coffee, but now....

Did somebody else experienced playback problem with those files?


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