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Author Topic: Problem with K-M 7D  (Read 1802 times)

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Problem with K-M 7D
« on: April 09, 2007, 05:51:26 pm »

After 27 months my trusty Minolta 7D is giving me my first problem. In instant playback with aperture priority (A) shooting RAW&JPEG my instant playback only shows thumbnails. If I shoot in program mode (P), I get my desired playback, i.e. picture with info and histogram. I'm using a 2 gig Sandisk Extreme III but I tried using other cards and that doesn't make ay difference. Any ideas?
BTW, I know the camera is getting close to it's "best by" date (at 6 megapixels) but it produces lovely pictures up to 13"x19" for me and until Sony actually ships the replacement they showed at PMA, it will remain my mainstay as I have 8 lenses for it.
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