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Author Topic: Poor UK HP support and B9180  (Read 1386 times)


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Poor UK HP support and B9180
« on: April 02, 2007, 02:05:50 pm »

UK buyers beware. If your B9180 throws a fault then HP will only replace it with a refurbished model and it takes two weeks to even get this far as the call centre located in India is truely awful. Escalating the matter to HP "customer care" doesn't help.

I have seen reports on the 'net about B9180 printers exhibiting banding (not white lines or streaking) when printing HP Advanced Photo paper Glossy on "best" quality. Well, I have the same problem. It is only avoidable if the print setting is changed to "max DPI"   See example print out

Mine started this behaviour after about 10 days (but only approx 20 A4 prints), it had been fine printing at "best quality" nothing else has been changed. HP tech support finally confirmed that this was a "hardware defect" in the printer (by email) and then that it was a known issue (verbally on the phone) - SO BEWARE 'cos if your printer develops this problem they will only replace it with a refurb unit. So instead, I'm exercising my consumer rights with sale of goods act to get a refund or replacement from the store it was purchased from.  This level of support from HP is third rate when compared to Epson. I now wish I'd gone for the 3800 or waited to see if Epson manage to produce a printer with no ink wastage between blacks.

Oh well, we live and learn and I've learnt not to buy HP while their customer support is so poor in the UK.
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