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Author Topic: Problem configuring Lightroom naming convention?  (Read 1874 times)


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Problem configuring Lightroom naming convention?
« on: April 02, 2007, 08:12:19 am »

I am having a problem configuring the naming conventions used by Adobe Lightroom when importing my images from a CF card so that it names the imported images according to how I would like them to be...

The basic gist of what I would like Lightroom to do is as follows:

- rename all imported images beginning with the date on which the images were captured in the following format (YYYYMMDD)

- Immediately thereafter there would be a "-" (dash)

- and right after the dash (and this is the part I am having the problem with), I would like lightroom to apply a 4-digit sequence number to the images that basically lets me know the following:... out of 'X' number of pictures shot on a particular day, that image 'Y' (i.e. any particular image as picked randomly out of a batch of images shot on a particular day) was the "-0233" image shot out of "-0547" on a particular day...

in other words...if I go out and shoot ten pictures right now and import them into Lightroom, I would like lightroom to rename then '20070402-0001.CR2', '20070402-0002.CR2' , '20070402-0003.CR2' , '20070402-0004.CR2', etc...

The trick here is that if I go out shooting later on today and come back with ten additional images that I would like to import into Lightroom, then I would like Lightroom to pick up where it left off automatically (i.e. have lightroom automatically begin the renaming process of the ten new images with '20070402-0011.CR2'...

I cannot seem to get this to work like this, and its been a serious pain trying to get it to...none of Lightroom's default renaming options (i.e. "import (0001); sequence (0001) ; total (0001) ; nor leaving it blank after the date) does what I would like it to do??

The only way I have found that such a thing is even possible is if I first manually check to see what the sequence number of the last imported image is for a particular day prior to bringing up the import dialog, and then once I do have the import dialog box pop up, then I would have to manually insert the next number after the value assigned to the last imported image...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can go about getting Lightroom configured properly so that it imports and renames things according to the way I have laid out above?

Any suggestions or ideas would be sincerely appreciated...Thanks!
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