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Author Topic: Time to switch to HD?  (Read 3562 times)


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Time to switch to HD?
« on: March 23, 2007, 11:42:38 pm »

OK, we are all kids at heart. I finally broke down and bought the latest Sony 70" rear-projection HD TV. Superb, and I would highly recommend it. Yesterday bought the kids a Playstation 3, so now I am ready for Blu-ray LL Video Journal. Are we going to get it soon? The HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray battle will take some time to settle, but maybe it's time to produce LL in both versions? No idea how truly cumbersome this would be though.

Secondly, is the technology ready for switching home video to HD? Nothing fancy but Canon seems to have a nifty little HD camera, 1080 and all that, available at a very reasonable price. Or is editing these multi GB files a really major, major headache? Any non-pro experience to share?
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Time to switch to HD?
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2007, 04:06:39 am »

Or is editing these multi GB files a really major, major headache? Any non-pro experience to share?
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Yeah! I think it is. There's such a plethora of different formats out there, the mind boggles.

We've got, for example, the soon-to-be-released Canon 7.1mp TX1 P&S camera with HD video capability (720x1280 at 30fps) but in M-JPEG format (each frame jpeg compressed). Editing programs like Sony Vegas don't handle this.

My rather old video projector, a Hitachi 1368x1024 (WSXGA) LCOS system might be ideal if I could be sure it would accept such a format, but I would prefer to get the new Canon HV20 HD videocam which can record 1920x1440 resolution in 4:3 format. But how would I downscale this to 1368x1024 for display on my video projector?

For me, this is a relatively new area which seems to have been enormously complicated by Hollywood's insistence on copyright protection. I'm already in the situation of having splashed out a few years ago on a partial high definition projector before the HDMI standard came out, so encrypted HD video content cannot be displayed on my very expensive projector.

I'm very annoyed and disillusioned. If I were rich, I'd like to take these companies to court. On the other hand, if I were rich I wouldn't need to. I'd just buy the latest HD display with multiple HDMI sockets.
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