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Author Topic: Lightroom vs Bridge  (Read 2044 times)


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Lightroom vs Bridge
« on: March 16, 2007, 08:12:01 am »

I first tried Lightroom last year.  I found it slow on my 1Gb Latitude notebook which I  have now uograded to 2 Mb pending Dell releasing D830 Latitude with Santa Rosa processor next month.  Hopefully I will now find Lightroom more useable.

Everyone seems to rave about it but I have got used to Bridge (now runing CS3 beta with latest ACR.)

I cannot get my head around whether I should be looking at dumping Bridge or not.  I do not see how I can since I use it for Illustrator and InDesign files, although photo files represent 95% of my useage.  My (limited) understanding is that Bridge and Lightroom each generate their own thumbnail files which are not compatible so if I use both programmes I will have two sets of thumbnails which sounds extravagent re disk space. Also, what about key words etc, do I have to enter everything twice?

Also, when first trying I found that if I opened a pic in PS then saved it as a .psd, I had to manually import it into the library before Lightroom would find it.  I prefer the Bridge system of always displaying anything.  I am now told that you can set folders for watching but I want all my picture folders and 3 drives watched.  Is this resurce hungry and so will slow things down?

I have already invested a fair bit of time in Lightroom a few months back and concluded that it was not for me - Bridge was better.  Now everyone seems to be raving about Lightroom, perhaps I reached the wrong decision.  Could anyone please comment?

PS new web site, trying to get my hits up! for pics of Wimbledon tennis, S of France and others.  Please visit and e-mail feedback!
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