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Author Topic: Canon S9000 Serious Color Shift  (Read 1441 times)


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Canon S9000 Serious Color Shift
« on: March 11, 2007, 02:52:10 pm »

My Canon S9000 is still printing way too cyan, even after I sent it in to a local Canon Service Tech for repair. The service tech didn't charge me for anything besides an hour of bench time, and told me he thought the problem was due to cartridges that have been refilled (rather than using Canon cartridges), or maybe the print head was contaminated by (someone) putting the wrong cartridge in the wrong place.

The Canon tech is using nozzle pattern checks as proof that it's working fine, but I see otherwise.

I keep running 8.5x11 matte paper through this machine, but the images are WAY too cyan. We're not talking about a slight cyan cast, we're talking something's terribly wrong.

I realize grayscale images are prone to slight color shifts, and it can be hard to achieve a really neutral print in grayscale mode, but this is WAY too cyan.  And full-color prints have the same huge color shift.

I've tried selecting the Grayscale check box in the printer setup dialog box, but they STILL print way too cyan.

Next I'll try installing fresh Canon ink, and running more prints.

But can anyone offer any suggestions? Why is it so hard to get a reasonably neutral print out of this machine? Could it actually require a new print head?  I'd invest $100.00 or so in a new print head if I thought I could resurect this printer and keep it going.

I've also tried flushing the ink sponges with warm water, also. Same cyan problem.

I have an Epson four-color P2000 that prints fine, from the same Mac, same image files. Getting neutral prints to match your screen isn't hard at all.

I'm printing from sRGB files, in PhotoShop CS2, Mac OS X.

Even if I try dialing in some red in the print setup dialog box, it doesn't have any effect on the cyan cast. I'm serious! The images are way too cyan.

I'd like to keep this printer going, but I absolutely have to fix this cyan cast. I can't use it as it is.

Any comments? Suggestions? Replace the print head?

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