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Author Topic: PMA Attendee Request...Clarify XRite New Prod Info  (Read 1624 times)


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PMA Attendee Request...Clarify XRite New Prod Info
« on: March 09, 2007, 06:09:02 pm »

After reading through all the marketing noise in Xrite's PMA announcements, it's been really hard to understand what/if anything their new products really offer for monitor calibration/profiling?

Their announcements seem to indicate that X-Rite i1DisplayLT and i1Display2 are not much more than re-brandings of the existing Eye-One colorimeter...

Many people's favorite seems like the discontinued Monaco Optix XR.

 It's available as the XRite DTP-94 for $225 from (

and from Chromix as the Monaco Optix XR and XR Pro$219 and $279 ( and

(both offer bundles with the new Color Eyes 2.0 which also looks compelling).

Has anyone done a current look at the field and can recommend what to go with now for monitor-only calibration/profiling (especially if I go with Z3100 which would theoretically take care of the spectrophotometer needs for printing - I don't do much with LCD projector at this time, but might in the next year or so)?

...or should I get a handheld spectrophotometer to manually do monitor, printer, and lcd (and thus also not be forced into the Z3100)?
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