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Sinar Hy6
« on: February 27, 2007, 12:03:42 pm »

Dear All,

As promised a few days ago on this site, the time has come now to ask your questions about the coming Sinar Hy6 camera directly to Sinar, through our webapge. Below the text and information published and released today in our Sinar "Newsletter".

FYI: to be a member of the Sinar Owner's Group, you have to register through our Homepage at:

There you can go to the "login" part at the top right side and register. As soon as registered a User Name and Password will be emailed to you automatically.

All the best,
Sinar Newsletter, February 28th 2007

To follow the popular demand for more information
about our upcoming Sinar Hy6 medium format camera
Sinar has decided to give the Sinar Owners' Group
members the exclusive possibility to step up and get
their Hy6 questions answered.
On our Sinar Owners' Group Forum we will host a
specially moderated "Sinar Hy6 - FAQ" Section where
Sinar Staff will answer your questions. This FAQ
will be open until March 31st. At the end of that
period we will post the most relevant questions and
their respective answers on the Hy6 product page of for everyone to read.
Please remember, to enter the Sinar Owners' Group
Forum you first have to login on Only then you will see the
additional link called "Forum" in the topmost
Thierry Hagenauer
[email protected]
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